Orange County is the third-largest county in California and the sixth-largest in the U.S., which means there are many small businesses needing help with their small business website designs. Would you believe that 95% of Orange County businesses are considered small businesses? They are, are you one of them? Our five small business website design tips will make a massive impact on the success of your website’s development.

We cover whether your website is responsive, loading correctly, website content duplication, and more. Every detail matters and can affect your website negatively or positively.

Our team at Orange Coast Websites can help you plan, host, and create a unique website design for your small business in Orange County. In the meantime, here are the five small business website design tips that will catapult your website into a success.

Small Business Website Design Tips that Make a Big Difference!

As a small business, you want to know how to create and set up your website right the first time. These five tips will help you not only get professionally started but seen by the audience that matters most, your customers.

If Your Website is Slow, NOTHING Else Matters

The page speed of a website affects everything. Slow website load times create unwanted analytics and make negative Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results. If your website loads slowly, people will likely click away, causing a high bounce rate on your website. According to Google, your website web page’s should load in two seconds or less. Here are some factors that will affect the speed of your website:

  • Hosting Server
  • Bandwith in Transit
  • Web Page Design
  • Web Page Elements
  • Browser
  • Device Type

You need to evaluate or consider all of these factors when creating your small business website design. If your current website load time takes longer than two seconds, you are likely losing potential customers.

Go Responsive or Go Home 

Your website needs to be compatible with the varying devices people access the internet. Thus, you need what is called a responsive website design for your small business. A responsive design will ensure that your website and its web pages will fit any device’s screen size.

Less is More On Your Homepage

It is natural to feel like adding everything you can to your website’s homepage. However, less is more. Keep your web pages, especially your homepage, clear, concise, and to the point. Strategize your online goals and prioritize what should be added to your homepage. 

Not only will your homepage look professional, but people are more likely to want to learn more about your goods and services, which can increase click-through-rates on your website. You most definitely want a return on your investment.

Keep Content Unique. Never Duplicate!

Your website needs to be like a fingerprint. Never duplicate someone else’s work. You can admire and appreciate others’ work, but unique content builds a good website. The more you tell your story about your business, the less likely you will duplicate content. Keep in mind that duplicate content is frowned upon by search engines. Hence, bringing us to the fifth small business website design tip, tell YOUR story!

Small Business Website Design -Tell YOUR Story!

Your small business website is a great place to tell your business’s story, which will also keep your site unique. Share your goods and services, and share the “what, who, where, and why” about your small business. The five W’s is a great way to inspire your small business website design and layout. Ultimately, you will sell yourself to the reader, turning them into a customer.

Take Your Small Business Website Design to the Next Level in Orange County!

Ninety-five percent of the O.C. is made up of small businesses and is why Orange Coast Websites exists. We want to help our community of small business owners to excel online. Your greatness needs to reach your online audience, too; thus, whether you have an established website for your small business or looking to start your online business, we are here to help. Contact us today to begin a new chapter for your small business, and, together, let’s take your website to the next level, Orange County!