Search Engine Optimization "SEO"

We know SEO. It's in our DNA.

Before co-founding Orange Coast Websites in 2015, Richard Valenta, our CEO, spent 11 years in the SEO trenches, working with hundreds of car dealers nationwide. During this time, Richard’s company became the best SEO provider in the automotive industry, earning 11 industry awards and numerous accolades in industry publications. With Richard’s experience and our hands-on application ever since we are very competent with SEO.

Quality comes first.

While Google has made many updates to its algorithm over the years, the fundamentals remain the same. Sorry to say, but there is no secret sauce. SEO isn’t done overnight. Trying to game the search engines may ruin your reputation with Google.

Here at Orange Coast Websites, we put quality first and focus on the fundamentals. We start by ensuring your website is technically sound, including indexing and crawling, schema, page speed, site structure, URL structure, and much more. 

From there, we do in-depth research to find the best keyword targets to drive high-intent traffic to your website. We create SEO content for people (not search engines) focused on spreading your brand’s influence with your users’ experience. Finally, we review results, rinse and repeat, growing your reach over time.

Be assured that we won’t try and dazzle you with technical jargon, and we’d rather lose a sale than make promises we can’t keep.

Our SEO Services

Our SEO services are not one size fits all. We create strategies depending on our client’s unique business needs. Some may have a small informational website that needs a simple setup and nothing more, whereas others have a large ecommerce website that aims to optimize thousands of products. Below are some of our typical services, and we will provide a custom quote depending on your goals.