Environmental Solutions

Renovo Resources

Project Overview

Renovo Resources, a leader in water treatment asset development for the Upstream Oil & Gas sector, partnered with us for a website transformation. Our objective: create a mobile-responsive website aligned with Renovo Resources' mission, prioritizing a contemporary user-friendly experience.


Drawing inspiration from industry leaders, we integrated modern web design elements and engaging features. We seamlessly added a full-width homepage background video to showcase their technology and designed each page around their brand identity, delivering an optimal digital experience for all stakeholders.

Team Page

We achieved efficient team management through a custom WordPress backend, empowering Renovo Resources to easily handle team members, swiftly adding, editing, or removing profiles. Clicking "Learn More" activates a pop-up overlay for each team member's profile.

Brand Identity

Renovo Resources' commitment to innovation and sustainability defines them. We embraced the opportunity to shape their online presence, resulting in a nine-page website that highlights their water treatment expertise and dedication to environmental responsibility.