Project Overview

Pixlscapes sells high-quality wall murals to homes and businesses out of their headquarters in Costa Mesa. They have many years of experience in the Graphics Installation Industry as a 3M Preferred and PDAA Master Certified Installer.

They came to us wanting to sell custom wall murals online using a fully customized ordering process integrated with Shutterstock's API. The process included pulling images from Shutterstock's library, adding them into categorized collections that work well for wall murals, and adding them to the site. Additionally, they wanted the ability to input measurements, crop images, and select from options before adding the product to the cart.

Website Design

Challenged with creating a new modern website integrated with the Shutterstock API, we designed and developed a sleek, organized, intuitive new site using WordPress, WooCommerce, and custom integration with Shutterstock. Some of the design and functionality included the following features:

  • Full-width slider with lifestyle images
  • Curated hand-selected image feed from Shutterstock
  • Categories using furnishing overlays to demonstrate how the mural looks in a room
  • Live Instagram feed
  • Universal search

Product Page

We customized the WooCommerce product page to allow for the following features:

  • Input wall size to determine the price
  • Crop the image to show how it will look on the wall
  • Added options as checkboxes, which they can control the price in the backend
  • Pixlscapes can provide multiple materials, each for a different price
  • Add to cart or a wishlist