Top 5 SEO Backlink Strategies for Your Website in 2018

Are backlinks still relevant in 2018? Yes, according to Backlinko with his series of videos and blog posts. Backlinko is a great source for the latest SEO tips and tricks. He has excellent content and write ups that help your website get better ranking and traffic. Here is a list of some of the top 5 link building strategies that I found were very useful… 

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Link Roundups

Link roundups are daily, weekly or monthly blog posts that link to quality content. Search Google for “keyword” + “link roundup” to find bloggers that you can share your content with.

Broken Links on Blogs

Find a blog post you want to get a link from that is related to your industry. Download the extension “Check my Links” for Chrome and run it on that blog. Let the site owner know that there is a broken link on one of their pages and see if they will replace it with your content.

Become a Source for Bloggers

Build links from authority news sites and blogs that are in your industry. HARO ( offers this type of service for free! HARO connects you to reporters to gain more coverage on your site by offering a pitch to them.


Find websites that have links to outdated resources. Email the website owner letting them know that they have a broken resource on their page and that you may have a good replacement for them.

Email Outreach

Put together a detailed piece of content. Send out personalized emails to bloggers, website owners and social media accounts. If your content/blog is done well, they should offer/ask you if they can link your website from their platform.



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