Designing a perfect website is surely a task that requires a lot of work and effort. Web design is one of the factors that determine the success and the failure of a website and most of the people who visit the website of the company judge them with the quality of the design. Hence if you want to have a website that looks amazing and also impresses the visitors, here are some easy tips for website design that you can use:

Keep It Simple

Too many graphics and pictures confuse the viewers. It would help if you kept the home page of the website simple so that the users can easily find the information in it. The website should be easy to navigate, and it is better if you stick to the standard website layouts. People find it difficult to get used to complex designs and often do not visit sites with these layouts. You can find different ways to stand out but keep your design and layout simple and easy to navigate.

Always Pay Attention To The Speed

One of the most important factors in attracting users to the website is the speed. The speed matters a lot and even a second’s delay in loading can cause a lot of difference in the user rate. People do not stick around the website that is slow in loading. Additionally, the search engines will also not consider your website if it is slowing. Hence make the speed of your website one of the major factors during development.

Scrolling is Better Than Clicking

Most people think that having a small page is better than having a longer page. The studies say that this is not true. It is better to have a page that is longer than let the users click on each option if they want to access more information on the website. Most of the users will prefer scrolling as long as they get all the information on one page rather than clicking and looking for information on other pages.

Website Logo Matters

Not many people pay a lot of attention to the logos, but a good logo can go a really long way for you. If your logo is small and yet attractive, your website will look much better. Simplified logos give the website a modern look and will also give an impression that your website is well designed. So, instead of having a logo that is made of words, try and create a logo that has just one word. Like Skype has an S and Google has a G.

Fun Always Works

Despite all the things you do to make your website look attractive and optimized, nothing will work for you if the website looks boring. Hence you need to add some color to attract the eye of the visitors. Using dual toned themes will make your content stand out. You should always look at the kind of visitors you want to attract to your site and then design the websites to the basis of what will attract them.

These are 5 tips that you can use when you design your website or the next website for a client. These will greatly improve the look of your website and will increase the number of visitors considerably.